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Hotel Management Consulting & Intern. Real Estate

Inspired by hospitality & experience

It is our success to know more than others.

We are an international hotel management consultancy with the main focus on hotel real estate and hotel management consulting. Since 2005, we have been consulting and working for international hotel chains, hotel keepers and banks.

They all trust our highly efficient, result oriented approach. Whether this concerns the purchase or sale of hotel real estate, expansion plans or regular hotel consultation.

Decades of experience and our excellent international contacts make us unbeatable.

This basis enables us to offer the perfect individual consultation approach you need for the development and investment in the hospitality industry business. We are the perfect partners to support your hotel management as a hotel consultant. We are unique in offering specified services for hotel entrepreneurs and investors at a personal level.

The Agentur proFact distinguishes itself by emphasising personal relations with customers and our international branch contacts. We assure to deliver always the best consultation and a wide range of solutions and results.

In other words, our work is only finished when there is nothing more to add.

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