Please, understand that on account of the on-going business activity of the hotel companies presented here, all offers are presented to you anonymously.

If you are interested, please send us an email with your inquiry to hotelforsale@agentur-profact.de.
After submitting your inquiry, you will receive a confidentiality agreement / NDA.

LOI as well as proof of funds will be necessary to conduct further business. Here an extract from our present portfolio




    • Sales price 65 million €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • 3*Hotel with 230 rooms, office building, parking garage, + 4 objects with construction permit ca. 22.000 sqm.
    • Rental income currently 2,4 million € p.a
    • Sales price 28,5 million €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • Apartment building with 70 apartments and an occupancy rate of 80 % at the moment, management contract necessary
    • Sales price 13 million €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • Hotel with 24 rooms, construction permit for another 200 rooms, golf course ca. 12ha


    • Sales price 390 millions €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • 5*Hotel with 240 rooms
    • constructed in 2013
    • top location
    • management contract needed
    • no further investments needed
    • echnical and fire protection standards etc. up to date
    • Sales Price 2.5 millions €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • 3* superior hotel
    • 75 rooms, conference rooms
    • big exterior area, wellness area, restaurant with 100 seats and patio, located at a forest
    • no investment backlog
    • family operated hotel


    • for lease, rent based on turnover
    • 4* Hotel, close to the Olympic stadium
    • 100 rooms
    • restaurant with exterior area, conference rooms, wellness area
    • 2,4 million p.a., rent based on turnover desired



    • Sales price 6,5 million €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • 4* Superior Hotel
    • well known skiing region
    • one house
    • 9 rooms, additional 9 -15 rooms in the planning, can be offered through financing (building project 3,0 million €)


    • Sales price 30 million €
    • commission to be paid by purchaser
    • 3* Hotel, Vierwaldstätter See
    • located at a lake
    • 47 rooms, restaurant & popular restaurant destination
    • vineyard
    • extensive leisure activities
    • investment backlog
    • sales price 30 million € / negotiable


    • capital expenditure ca. 1.5 billion €; 5 % return
    • investor group wanted


    Construction shape like an atoll, 200 water bungalows with water access (longstay), 6 restaurants F&B concept international star kitchen, spices and main focus set on different cultures, water taxis, seaplane, windjammer for up to 250 people with weekly sailing tour all around the island, interior concept by famous designers, wellness on the sea, leisure activities main focus on water sports, 5 conference rooms for up to 250 people, 100 hotel nests shaped like big pearls, 100 suites built like small sultan’s palaces, Marina belonging to hotel, international star kitchen, hotel in combination with windjammer

    Conference Center

    Located in the harbour of Stonetown, design inspired by the Taj Mahal, 20 conference rooms situated directly above the water, all-round view of the sea and harbour scenery of Stonetown, connection to the mainland by a bridge, connection with the hotel by water taxis, 500 rooms, big glass dome, capacity for up to 1000 people, security tract for international meetings


    Could be part of the hotel, medical care on the European level, main focus on anti-aging, special treatments, character medical resort etc.

    Management school

    Training centre for the hospitality industry, courses for all hotel related occupations, European level.

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