We have gained our experiences from working all over the world. Strategy consultation of the Wellness and Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka, the creation of environmentally friendly hotel concepts in Croatia, standard hotel consultation of different hotel projects / Hotel concepts in Germany up to international contacts with investors. Our knowledge spectrum is always focused on the the essentials. 3 – 5* hotels, from business hotels to leisure hotels, from hotel re-openings up to hotel transfers of business, we feel “at home” everywhere.

Decades of experience combined with excellent international branch contacts, make us unbeatable in what we do.

This basis enables us to offer the perfect hotel consultation concerning the development and investment in your desired hospitality projects. Based on a reliable approach and a high degree of dedication to support your hotel management result-oriented, 

Agentur proFact distinguishes itself by its emphasis on personal relations with its customers and international branch contacts.

We assure to always deliver the best consultation and a wide range of solutions and results. In other words, our work is only finished, when there is nothing more to add. What we will do for you, if you decide to hire us

Our Service

  • Already during the construction and realisation stage, the launch of your hotel will be planned by us in detail. In this stage, a pre-opening consultation for a successful market launch by our experienced hotel advisers can make a not to be underestimated difference between succeeding or not. Based on the establishment of a company structure (market launch and daily organisation set-up), the market entry can be carried out without generating problems. The basis for our consultation-know-how are the processes and hotel standards (policies & procedures) verified and tested by hands-on experience.

    • Compilation of project related standards
    • Compilation of inventory lists (FF&E und SO&E)
    • Development of target group definitions & ideas
    • Marketing plan
    • Analysis of the cost-related influencing factors
    • Development of a pre-opening and past-opening budget
    • Support of CI with logo, slogan, websites and printed materials
    • Determining of standards for the public relations division
    • PR relevant activities will be planned in advance of the pre-opening
    • Development of the launch and daily operations procedures
  • The acquisition or sales process (Mergers & Acquisitions) of a hotel can be divided into several steps (business and data analysis, the development of transaction models, at-site appointments, due diligence etc.) each of them requiring a different set of branch know-how. The detailed review of the operative procedures aim to indicate efficiency and risk potentials as well as synergy opportunities. On this occasion, the essential question investors ask is whether the identified basic conditions guarantee a sustainable business management. This is usually done via the so called pre-purchase check or a due diligence which is usually carried out by our hotel advisers consulting with a network of specialist partners.

    • Are the existing strengths and weaknesses of the hotel business lasting and what are those based on?
    • Which chances and risks does the to be examined hotel or the specific area of business offer?
    • Are the before the transaction identified problems of importance and can they be recognised?
    • Does the analysis of the business related areas, the strategical targets and existing operative procedures affect the legal or contractual consideration within the scope of the transaction?
  • On behalf of hotel owners, banks and also in case of ongoing insolvency procedures, we assume the operative business for a limited period of time, so that the workflow will not be interrupted. We offer a high degree of flexibility to increase the know-how influx. Hereby, we put all economic aspects on the test bench, analyse the costs as well as the current business procedures. We develop restructuring measures or renovation plans in direct communication with the owners or the banks.

    Your advantages: short settling-in period, “hands on” mentality, ready to work at short notice whether you are in the pre-opening stage, plan restructuring measures or your hotel manager has become unavailable at short-notice, we get you the necessary degree of independence.

    Whether 3, 4 or 5 stars, business – or leisure hotels, we will feel at home. Our principals know what we mean. They all value our quick apprehension, our target oriented and pragmatic approach focused on delivering the best solutions possible. A phone call is all you need and we start packing our bags!